On The Pulse

On The Pulse is our news feature spot for us to share some insights from fellow runners, riders and paddlers!

Why DO people go running in the freezing cold, take joy from getting filthy, climb hills and get wet? Maybe it’s just training for a great summer ahead or for life itself, who knows – we love it.

Georgina is our first On The Pulse story teller – happy running Georgina!

Georgina – “The Winter Warrior”

  • What attracted you to the DirtRun Winter Warrior Series?
This is a bit of an story…… So I’m sat on my sofa on a Saturday afternoon, I text my good friend Sam who I normally run with, on an off chance she was free to run on the Sunday morning. She replied to see if I fancied a new race she had found at Hanbury Hall? I thought at first she was joking as I’d not run for a few weeks!!! But me being me thought I’d give it a go anyway!! As predicted I did struggle on this race, but I finished and I was hooked!! Everyone was so friendly & I instantly felt part of the Winter Warrior Dirt Run Series, so had to see it through to the finish!!
  • What kind of event had you completed before?
When I first took up running my aim was to complete a half marathon, which I did back in 2014. After this race a did a few 10K races & was hoping to build up my mileage to a marathon. However, problems with calves & trying to find the correct footwear have lead me to stick to 10K races. But am still aiming to one day complete that marathon!!!
  • How do you prepare for a race?
Preparation is key!! I do have my lucky trousers that I always wear & an investment into a good body armour helped keep out the cold during the Winter Warrior Dirt Run Series!!!
I always try & have a good carb meal the night before, making sure I am well hydrated, which means avoiding the alcohol!! :-/
For breakfast I normally choose something that has a good level of sugar, porridge with honey was favourite during the Winter months.
  • What was your best race?
My best race of the Winter Warrior Dirt Run Series had to be the final race at Croft Castle. It was more for the self satisfaction of achievement that I had completed the whole Series!!! Also my daughter came to cheer me on & knowing she was at the finish line kept me inspired to keep going.
Other than in the Winter Warrior Dirt Run Series, my best race has to be New Years Day race at Croome. The weather on the day was awful, freezing cold, rain & wind but I ran the whole race & loved every moment 🙂
  • What was your toughest moment?
The toughest moments that stand out to me were in 2 separate races.
The first was Brockhampton, where I had been warned the race was hilly, but this was tough. Hill upon hill upon hill….. but once at the top I felt on top of the world!!! On the plus side of hills, what you climb up you must come down!!
The second tough moment was at Baggeridge. The mud in this race was on a totally different scale!! Not being very tall I’m sure at some points the mud was up to my knees!!
  • What’s next for you?
I am currently training to complete another half marathon, therefore building my mileage up again.
I have ear marked some 10K races I would like to complete, one of these being Brockhampton to see if I can complete the hilly race in a quicker time!
  • Why do you run?
I run for various reasons, the main being to help lose weight. Although I am a member of a gym & attend two spin classes a week, I still find running helps shed the weight the best & my whole body feels like it has had a workout after a run.
I am a social runner & prefer to run with someone. I feel this helps the miles pass by a lot quicker, and it’s sometimes a good time to catch up with a friend, without any interruptions or distractions.
I do have a love/hate relationship with running. The self motivation I need to actually get yourself up & out of the door, especially when it’s windy & raining outside. Then whilst running the muscles & joints ache, but it does give you a complete sense of satisfaction when you have finished. I always trace back over the miles I’ve ran & the countryside I’ve seen along then way!! Plus there is the guilt free pudding you can then have after dinner as you’ve worked hard for it!!